Be Subconsciously selling, than obvious sleasy sales techniques so people love you


I've Always said , you are the master of communication , the best I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot , and this is right up your alley mate Seeing you negotiate live in person and in seminars was what lit the fire inside me mate It was pure art !

Blair Property Investor

I was your student in 2015! I emailed you several times since but not response. All I wanted to say was thank you for everything you taught me. I got out of real estate but I used all the good knowledge you gave me to build a 6-figure coaching company from the ground up. I often make reference to your teaching when I provide business coaching for my clients. So when I saw your pitch on messenger today, I was in. I bought the paperback immediately. I can't wait devour it. It may we'll become a part of the curriculum for all my clients too.

Nancy Business Coach

Rarely do you get a communication/sales book from someone who has been there and done it! Brilliant read and a deep dive into how to sell subconsciously rather than obvious sleazy sales techniques thought in other places. If you hate being salesy and pushy - read this book cover to cover!

Ahmed Property UK

The nuggets of communication gold that Rick has perfected over the years and applied to thousands of business transactions to get the best deals. Glad I have a go-to reference for these, they will be referred to regularly

Mat Property educator, Las Vegas, USA


Rick does not teach the mechanics, but everything else in order for the mechanics to happen” Alex Hickman, Developer, Birmingham UK  

  • Used subliminal techniques to build a media business, which saw unprecedented success in the United States and Australia for both music and television introducing many firsts.

    Created the most recognisable international property brand in the world

  • Acknowledged contributor to the 18 million copy-selling books “Body Language” and 1986’s “talk language” in 1986

    Recognised as the highest-paid speaker in Australia, having earned over $20,400,000 in 42 months, according to official records

  • Pioneered into Asian markets with the introduction of available finance a world first for Expats investing in the “New West”

Understanding the brain’s capacity to efficiently and rapidly acquire new information without tiring from processing it, the author of this book wrote it in a style & method detailed here:
  1. Designed to be easy to read and keep your brain engaged so you can receive and retain more in a format less tiring to your thought box, mainly: 2 syllables, 8 letters.
  2. Includes humorous images because these convey ideas more quickly than words and because laughter releases dopamine, which makes you want to keep reading this book 🙂
  3. Yellow and Black cover as most visually pleasing color to the eye
  4. Grab a quick 20 minute and share your feedback with Rick on what your might change before world wide release and get the mobile version free as a thankyou  …  R   

Watching Rick was like watching Michelangelo Sculpt” Alan, Building Contractor,Belfast 2023

Grab a copy of my newest book for $9.95 a third of retail as a thank you for being a past student of mine and if you don’t like it of course I will refund you, although everybody seems to love it 🙂